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  • Aktualny numer: tom XXVI, nr 2
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Scientific dissertations of Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa. Pedagogics


The journal is addressed to researchers dealing with  sciences of upbringing, and also  to  teachers, pedagogists,  psychologists  and others connected with education-cultural  institutions. On its pages, papers relevant to both contemporary and past issues of pedagogical thought, upbringing and education. It is the task of this periodical to present the most recent results of quantitative and qualititative research, and also to reflect upon transformiations in contemporary Polish and global educational as compared to the past. There are also scientic debates, reviews of publication, and also reports from conferences.

The papers sent to be published are reviewed by a team of international reviewers.

The journal is included in the international databases: Bazhum, Index Copernicus and CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library GmbH)

Pedagogics is on the list of journals of Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland, section B, and in December 2015 was assigned  8  points for each published academic paper.

The journal is published twice a year. The materials for the first issue are accepted until 15.03, whereas for the second one until 15.10 each year.

The authors sending papers to be published are requested to comply with text editing rules (more in the bookmark: Information for Authors/ Informacje dla Autorów)

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